Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Frosty November

As we stepped out last night to dump some compost, it really felt like November. Crisp and cold, but with the lingering scent of fall. We knew it was going to be a cold night, but for some reason we didn't check the chances for frost. We woke up to a beautiful (albeit a little nerve-racking) frost. It was so thick it almost looked like snow!
The grass was shimmering and each leaf and flower were outlined in millions of tiny crystals. I spent a while walking around in my pajamas with the camera inspecting how the frost looked on all the different plants. Some of the garden plants look like they are holding up to the frost better than others but while the frost is still around they all look magical!
We will start covering the kale and spinach in the high tunnel, in hopes that it will survive the winter. We will probably also cover what is left after last night so it will last until the end of the market. Looks like it's going to be really cold tonight too.
Here are some photos of the farm with the first hard frost of the season:









Bronze Fennel

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