Monday, February 22, 2010


Global is I missing something?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Truck Update

Ok, so the truck had a few problems when we first brought it home. It had trouble starting and once we did get it started it wouldn't drive more than 10mph. It was lurching back and forth anytime we pressed on the gas. We thought it might be the fuel injector pump or something with the turbo (both of which are expensive to fix), so we took it back to the dealership to have them take a look. They thought it might just be air in the fuel lines - apparently that's a huge problem with diesel engines. They bled the lines and kept it over night so they could test it completely cold. It started right up the next morning and also when we came to pick it up that afternoon. We drove it home problem free. Turned out to just be air in the fuel lines! Phew! Its been a couple of weeks and it is still running great. It was a nice thing to have with all this snow since it is the only 4 wheel drive vehicle on the farm. We were able to get it right out every time and everyone was able to run the errands they needed to before we could get the other cars out! So far so good....

Here it is after the first snow:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


It's been 3 days and a few seeds have already come up! Broccoli, cabbage, and a flat of mixed greens are all sprouting.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The First Seeds!

There are many bonuses to winter - sweaters, icicles, board games, fireplaces, soup; but it sure has been a long, slow winter. Cold, gray, and TOO much snow. I really like living in a place that has four distinct seasons and its always nice in the fall when the days start to become crisp and cold. By the beginning of February, though, winter can sometimes feel too long (especially when it is as cold as its been this year). But there is one day that lies somewhere in the middle of winter, in the part of winter where you are so tired of cold that you are ready to give up and move to Maui. This day is a turning point, and for us, it was yesterday. Yesterday we planted the first seeds of the season. It begins!

We will slowly plant more each week until the season really takes off. Yesterday was broccoli and some slow growing herbs and flowers. We also planted a few flats of salad greens to munch on until the ground warms up. As soon as the onions and leek seeds get here, they will go in too!
Not only can we look forward to the season picking up with more to do each week, but now there is something growing! There is something to check on and water, there is dirt under our fingernails, and there will soon be something green to visit other than the kale in our freezer. The end is in sight! We are enjoying the down time while it is here, but boy, we sure can't wait for green leaves, pretty flowers, and fresh veggies.


Friday, February 5, 2010

Bread, Bread, Bread

We do a lot of cooking here in our little cabin, but one of our favorite things to eat is warm, fresh bread. Shawn has been experimenting with all different kinds of recipes and we have come up with a few favorites. A few weeks ago, he tried a molasses oatmeal bread.
These were rich, dense loaves that were great for slicing. We enjoyed them as toast or for sandwiches! About a week later, we celebrated Linda's birthday at the farm.

Liza (Josie's sister) made crab cakes and an out of this world cheesecake with lemon blueberry topping.
Shawn and Josie made homemade french onion soup with fresh french bread.
The french bread was perfect. Crunchy crust and soft, fluffy center. We had plenty left over to warm up and smother in butter. Today, we tried our hand at focaccia. We had been eying a recipe for a rosemary and rock salt focaccia and finally decided to go for it! It was our favorite yet...garlic, rosemary, olive oil, was simple to make and when it came out of the oven we sat down to give it a try. Well - we ate the whole loaf. Yep. The whole thing.
The secret seems to be the baking stone. We have been using one of those pizza stones to bake everything from bread to cookies to pizza. Nothing sticks to it and it makes a nice crispy outside every time.

A New Windsor Farmers' Market?

Earlier this week, we went in front of the New Windsor Town Council at their monthly public meeting and pitched our idea for starting a Farmers' Market here in town. The council seemed interested in the idea and gave us the green light to continue our planning and preparing. The next step is to secure a location. We'll keep you posted!