Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jack and the Baby Goat

Jack, my nephew, spends 3 days a week at the farm. With his mom in Annapolis for business, he spent the night with Pa and Gramma last night. This morning, Gramma and I decided it would be fun to take Jack to see Abby's newest addition to her goat family.
If you remember, she had her four Nigerian Dwarf goats bred last fall and one of them gave birth this week! All baby animals are cute, but baby goats have to be some of the cutest. Jack had a really good time meeting all the goats, but he loved the baby the most (of course).
Clearly Stardust had to say hi first, she leaned out to take a good look at him and he waved and called out "HIIII!"
She was very curious about him, she took a little sniff and lick right away. He asked, "bite?" We assured him she wouldn't bite him and from then on he was very comfortable around them.
Then Abby brought out the baby. He was practically shaking out of excitement. (Please note the cable-knit sweater the baby is wearing, it fits perfectly - Abby is so good at knitting!)

It wasn't long before Jack asked to go inside the barn. Here he is pointing to the hair on Stardust's head and saying "brown hair".
He had a lot of fun chasing them back and forth in the barn. They appeared to be having fun! They were all very gentile with him.

Stardust followed Jack around the whole time. She kept trying to give him kisses and maybe nibble a little on his hat.

I imagine this is what it looks like from Jack's point of view.

Back to the baby - this time he wanted to hold her. We put him in the stall with Abby and the mom and baby.

What is cuter than a small child holding a baby animal? A small child kissing a baby animal:

When it was time to go it was really hard to say goodbye to that little face!

Stardust didn't want us to leave either.
We had a great time at Folktale Farm, we'll have to bring Jack and his sister, Mia, back when the rest of the babies are born.

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