Saturday, January 30, 2010

They Called for an Inch...

...and we got 6! It has been cold the last few days, REALLY cold. We were able to run some last minute errands before the snow started so we could hunker down and enjoy it! As the huge, fluffy flakes blanketed the farm,
we spent a lot of the day ordering seeds. It's so much fun thumbing through each catalog looking at all the pictures of colorful tomatoes, shiny peppers, perfect carrots, and pretty much anything you can think of. Today: flowers. Since we have limited space, we are trying to be picky - but it's so hard. I think we'll just order one of everything. That will make it easy!
Ok, maybe not. We were able to resist ordering more than we need (just barely) and were still able to pick out a lot of beautiful flowers - black eyed susans, delphinium, celosia, zinnias, and quite a few more! Plus, we have all the seeds Linda saved from last year - sunflowers, calendula, cosmos, etc. We are going to be planting a lot of our flowers in the herb garden on the hill. It is hard to picture with the ground frozen solid and covered in snow, but it is coming quickly. I can't wait!

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