Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome to Truffula Seed Produce at Garden Gate Farm

Here we are! Welcome to Truffula Seed Produce, our little farm business located on Garden Gate Farm in Carroll County, MD. Garden Gate Farm is a four acre "farmette" owned by Josie's parents who keep a flock of egg laying chickens and maintain a large vegetable garden, fruit trees, and berry bushes. Shawn and Josie live in a little cabin on the hill and run Truffula Seed Produce.

We are getting things going here in our little corner of the county. Slowly but surely we are working our way through the winter preparing for the excitement that comes with warmer weather. We have made quite a bit of progress during these cold few months on several different projects.

First, we have been constructing a high tunnel on a flat sunny spot on the east side of the property. It is 25' x 28' and close to 13 feet high! So far, with some help from Dave (Josie's dad) and his big white van, we have put up the metal framing. Soon we will be building the ends and then adding the plastic. We hope to have it finished by the end of February (weather permitting) so we can get some seedlings going in there!

The finished frame
Check out more photos of us constructing this thing on our gallery page!

Second, we have been in the market for a pick-up truck. Every farm needs a farm truck! We had been looking for a diesel since it was important to us to use something other than gasoline. We could run it on bio-diesel and then hopefully one day convert it to run on used veggie oil! Well - the way opened. Josie's little Saturn, which had been good to her for many years, was hit in a gas station parking lot by a Jeep. It only had a small buckle in the hood, but due to it's low value (Kelly Blue Book: $250) it was totaled. We had to give it up to the insurance company. But they paid us well for it and we were able to put that money towards our new truck. So here it is! A 1995 Chevy Cheyenne 2500 Diesel. There seem to be a few things wrong with we'll see. We will keep you posted!

Third, we have been planning our new website - as you can see - it's up and it looks great! Linda, Josie's mom, did all the work to make it even better than what we wanted! We couldn't be happier with it.

There have been lots of other things here and there, but those are the biggies. Stay tuned for more exiting happenings here at Truffula Seed Produce!

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