Monday, February 8, 2010

The First Seeds!

There are many bonuses to winter - sweaters, icicles, board games, fireplaces, soup; but it sure has been a long, slow winter. Cold, gray, and TOO much snow. I really like living in a place that has four distinct seasons and its always nice in the fall when the days start to become crisp and cold. By the beginning of February, though, winter can sometimes feel too long (especially when it is as cold as its been this year). But there is one day that lies somewhere in the middle of winter, in the part of winter where you are so tired of cold that you are ready to give up and move to Maui. This day is a turning point, and for us, it was yesterday. Yesterday we planted the first seeds of the season. It begins!

We will slowly plant more each week until the season really takes off. Yesterday was broccoli and some slow growing herbs and flowers. We also planted a few flats of salad greens to munch on until the ground warms up. As soon as the onions and leek seeds get here, they will go in too!
Not only can we look forward to the season picking up with more to do each week, but now there is something growing! There is something to check on and water, there is dirt under our fingernails, and there will soon be something green to visit other than the kale in our freezer. The end is in sight! We are enjoying the down time while it is here, but boy, we sure can't wait for green leaves, pretty flowers, and fresh veggies.

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