Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Truck Update

Ok, so the truck had a few problems when we first brought it home. It had trouble starting and once we did get it started it wouldn't drive more than 10mph. It was lurching back and forth anytime we pressed on the gas. We thought it might be the fuel injector pump or something with the turbo (both of which are expensive to fix), so we took it back to the dealership to have them take a look. They thought it might just be air in the fuel lines - apparently that's a huge problem with diesel engines. They bled the lines and kept it over night so they could test it completely cold. It started right up the next morning and also when we came to pick it up that afternoon. We drove it home problem free. Turned out to just be air in the fuel lines! Phew! Its been a couple of weeks and it is still running great. It was a nice thing to have with all this snow since it is the only 4 wheel drive vehicle on the farm. We were able to get it right out every time and everyone was able to run the errands they needed to before we could get the other cars out! So far so good....

Here it is after the first snow:

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