Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Local Dinner in March

Last night we had dinner with Kim and Jackie. We met them last summer when we started working on Jackie's farm. We always enjoy our time with them and we have created a great support system between the four of us. We all have similar goals and they have really helped us get started with Truffula Seed Produce. Kim is working on using permaculture to create a self-sufficient food system on her property. Jackie runs De La Tierra Gardens through which she participates in farmers' markets, runs a successful CSA program (LINK) and distributes milk and meat from other local farms. Our dinner was at Kim's house and the menu included: pasta with tomato sauce, salad, and fresh bread.
The pasta: Using eggs from our farm and flour, we made fresh pasta. Kim's son, Ethan, helped roll it out. We just used a simple pasta maker to roll and cut the dough. The sauce: Jackie made it using cherry tomatoes she had in the freezer from last summer. The tomatoes were mostly orange which made the sauce a beautiful color.The Salad: Kim made a salad which included spinach she over-wintered in her garden.
The Bread: Kim made oatmeal bread from scratch, it finished baking just as we cooked the pasta. Warm and fresh!
The meal was delicious! We ate so much there was no room for dessert. It was the perfect comfort food for a cold evening.

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  1. Beautiful photos, makes it look quite gourmet! Well, it was!