Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's Finished! Finally!

We did it! We finished the high tunnel! Bryan, our extension agent, is amazing. There is no way this would be done without him. His motto? "We'll make it work." And we did...through all types of weather, low funds, and severe lack of experience. He made it work!
The last step was putting on the plastic. It was faster than we expected, but definitely a challenge. It is ideal to find a day with zero wind to put on the plastic. Well - they were calling for 20 to 30 mile-an-hour winds. I emailed Bryan in a panic: "Should we reschedule? We don't have another free day for weeks!" Bryan: "Are you feeling lucky?"

We decided we were feeling lucky and - luckily - the wind didn't pick up until after lunch! The top and the back cooperated pretty well. We had a few moments where we thought we may all sail away, Dave and Linda came out to help and we were able to keep it under control.
The hardest part was the front, which we did after lunch. At one point we had two people on either side just keeping it from blowing away! Shawn was 16 feet in the air on a ladder...suddenly we weren't feeling so lucky. But Bryan to the rescue! He got us all organized holding on to the right places and we got it on there, injury free! (With the exception of really sore forearms.)
By the time we got the front stapled and wiggle-wired and cut the door out, it was already hot and humid inside!
It's pretty amazing, the sun heats it up almost immediately. We walked in for the first time - so satisfying. I can't believe we built this! Ourselves!
Thanks again Bryan, Dave and Linda!! We couldn't have done it without you. And, it was really fun! I'm not sure how anyone does it with only two people. (They probably choose a day that isn't windy...)

Check out all the pictures on the Photos page!

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