Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vacation: Bikes, Beaches, and Grilled Pizza

Ah, vacation. We spent the last week in Cape May, NJ. Our family rents a beach house every year for one week in August. What a great place to go! It isn't too far away, the town is bike friendly and the beach is just a few blocks away. Before we left, we spent several days preparing the garden for a week of solitude. We mowed under the fences, weeded the most desperate crops, and watered. We also picked like crazy for the trip. (For pictures of all the produce we picked, check out Liza's [Josie's sister] blog (a)Musing Foodie) We picked heavy for two reasons:
1.) There is nothing worse than the thought of tomatoes rotting on the vine, and at this point in the season they are ripe almost every day.
2.) What is a vacation without fresh produce?? :)

As for the chickens, Elizabeth (a family friend) came each night to close them in and make sure they had enough food and water. She also watered in the high tunnel for us. Jackie, from De La Tierra Gardens, came to pick some tomatoes and tomatillos and so did Josie's aunt, Sharon.
We came back to a (mostly) good looking garden - almost all the fall stuff germinated, yay!

Our vacation was full of all of our favorite things: bike rides, beach days, and yummy food. Here are some photos of the highlights of our trip!
Biking to a beach in West Cape May about 5 miles from the regular beach. The marsh on the way is so pretty.

We were able to fit the tandem in the van and it's a good thing we did - we rode it almost every day!

We even got Linda and Dave on it! Everyone needs one, they are so fun.

Dave pointed out this cloud - it looks a little like our favorite chicken, Trudy. Who looks a little like this:

And of course, the beach.

Now THAT'S a farmer tan.

Mia and Jack, just back from the beach playing with bubble guns.

Last but not least, Shawn's grilled pizza. This was amazing. AMAZING! He grilled the first side of the pizza, pulled it off the grill and added toppings (garden veggies, of course) and then back on the grill. I was skeptical of the gas grill, but it was delicious. We ate so much pizza that night, we thought we were going to explode.

Now it's catch up time. Weeding, watering, tearing stuff out, and planting. Fall, here we come!