Monday, March 28, 2011

Some Helpers

Last week Danielle (who Josie has been friends with for a few years) brought her one year old daughter, Sadie, and her lovable dog, Ollie, out to the farm to help do some planting.

Ollie and Jaxxy get along great, they spent almost the whole day sprinting around the farm. Most dogs don't have the energy to tolerate Jaxxy's playfulness - but Ollie does. He can't get enough!After some tea and a little time to catch up, we sent the dogs out to play and headed over to the garden to with our flats of cabbage. We are growing four types this year: Golden Acre, Early Jersey Wakefield, Mammoth Red Rock, and Frigga Savoy. We should have some early and some later, as long as we can keep those pesky cabbage worms off of them.

Sadie did a great job. We brought over a shovel for her to play with and even found a big red ball in the grass near the garden!
We got four rows of cabbage planted, one for each variety. So far, they have been tolerating the freezing cold nights pretty well. Hopefully they make it through tonight - we are hoping its the last night in the 20s.

After a long morning of planting and a little snack, Sadie was almost ready for her nap. We were so happy to have them come out and work with us!
After they left, we spent the afternoon planting the rest of the spring crops. Peas, kale, lettuce, mustard greens, pak choi, parsley, radishes, and kohlrabi. Josie's mom came out to help too!
When we were done, we covered the cabbage and lettuce with row covers to help keep pests out. They help keep the moths that lay the cabbage worm eggs from finding the plants and will hopefully keep the rabbits and groundhogs from finding the baby lettuces.
We had a really productive day, thanks Danielle and Sadie!

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