Monday, March 28, 2011

A Video About Us!

Our friend Jo Isrealson made a video for us from some footage she took last season. We are really excited, it turned out great! Thanks Jo!


  1. Great vid! Is this the same Jo - the sculptor from UB??

    My husband and I have a little plot of ground in New Windsor, too. Gardens and some laying hens. It's about all we can manage with us both working full time jobs.

  2. Hi! Yes that is the same Jo :) The video turned out great.

    Where in New Windsor do you live?

  3. Bowersox Rd.

    Are you located at the farmhouse that used to be owned by the Owings family? Or they may have been Owens. I can't remember now it's been so long ago!

    Will you be at the downtown Westminster farmer's market this year? We'll try to stop by and introduce ourselves.

  4. Yes! The Owens...we actually met Jenny (who grew up here) at the farmers market. She saw our sign and asked where we lived in New Windsor - it was quite a coincidence! Anyway, we will be at the Downtown Westminster market again this year, you should definitely stop by. Thanks for looking at the blog!