Sunday, May 22, 2011

Plant Sale!

Last week we started the season off with our first plant sale! It was held at the same location in Downtown Westminster as our regular Saturday market. In spite of the dreary, rainy day, we had a really great turn out of both vendors and customers. It was great to get back out there - we missed the market so much over the winter!
We brought a ton of plants and a little bit of produce. Our stand felt really full - which is a nice feeling.

We brought some colorful radishes. We are trying out a new mix this year. We bought 6 or 7 different colors and mixed the seeds just before planting. In addition to the yellow, purple, red and pink we also have black and white!

We brought cut herbs: dill, chives, garlic chives, peppermint, thyme, bronze fennel, and sage. We sell a ton of herb plants, but some people just want some ready to use.

We also brought lettuce heads and lettuce mix, a Downtown Westminster market favorite!

Almost all the regular vendors were there with not just plants, but meat, cheese, baked goods, jams and more.

Its so exciting to be back into the season, although this year is FLYING by! I can't believe its the end of May already! We still have a ton of plants to sell (email if you are interested :) ) Here we go!

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