Saturday, May 7, 2011

Things are Growing, Finally

This April, the weather has been beautiful. Thunderstorms, warm days, cool nights. March, however, threw us some wild cards. (As usual.) We had a week of 25 degree nights, which halted growth and even killed some of our small, tender seedlings. And in the weeks after that, the combination of the chilly nights and wet ground seemed to have slowed down our plants. The middle of April showed a lull in growth for almost all of our plants. The last few weeks, luckily, have warmed the ground and we have seen most of our plants bounce back!

Here are some garden photos from the last few weeks. You can really see how much a lot of it has grown!

Chives, April 25th

Chives, May 6th

Strawberries, April 25th

Strawberries, May 6th

Salad Mix, April 25th

Salad Mix, May 6th

Peas, April 25th

Peas, May 6th

Garlic, April 25th

Garlic, May 6th

Peonies, May 6th

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