Thursday, July 21, 2011

The High Tunnel (Greenhouse)

As things ripen in our jungle of a high tunnel, we are finding all kinds of crazy things. We've had a ton of cucumbers come out of four short rows as well as a good crop of these tiny sour gherkin cucumbers.

Their vines are so pretty, they would work really well in an edible landscape. We have been getting gobs of cherry tomatoes: honeydrop - a new variety for us, and SO delicious. Peacevine, a small red cherry, and also a large purple cherry.
We've also had a great crop of early Cherokee Purple tomatoes - yum!
With tomatoes come pests, the most shocking is probably the tomato horn worm:
They start out small and eat both the leaves and the tomatoes. They seem to be partial to the cherries, they eat about half of each green tomato and them move on to the rest of the branch. They are voracious eaters and they grow fast...and they get huge! This one was larger than my index finger - yikes! They are camouflaged really well, so you don't see them until they are right under your nose. We used to be freaked out by them, but to tell you the truth, I have kind of come to like them. Aside from eating the plants (a pretty hefty offense) they are really cool! They have interesting markings and cute suction cup feet. Their season has mostly past, and I can't say that I'll miss them, but at least I don't jump ten feet every time I see one anymore. :)

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