Saturday, July 30, 2011

Field Trip: Honey!

We had a very honey-full couple of days last week. Scott, our friend from Sattva Place, has two hives on his farm doing quite well. He asked if we would come help him open them up and see if there was enough extra honey for the taking. We happily accepted! We take every opportunity we can to make it out to his farm, it's so beautiful and we always have fun. Scott and Shawn dove right in:
One of his goats was curious about all the action:
She came over to check me out as well. :)
After a few minutes they discovered there was, in fact, honey - tons of it! This is one of the frames full of honey:
The comb was just dripping with it - and it was sooooo good! They only took a small fraction of the honey from the hives, leaving the bees almost all of it. But even a small fraction was a lot for us! Scott sent us home with two generous jars full of honey - yum!

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