Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sandwiches, Baklava, and Nutter Butter S'mores.

Oh, and chickens too! Laura and Jon came over to spend an afternoon chasing chickens and eating delicious food. First order of business? Laura must hold a chicken.
Done! It was one of the big ones too...the Mongolian variety with feathery feet, only the best for Laura!
After the chicken fun, we gave them a tour of the farm which included impromptu stories from Mia and Pawpaw. It had been quite a day: Savannah (Pawpaw's cat) had gotten out and was chased all over by Jaxxy, both Mia and Jack were enjoying Mia's secret tree fort, and we had just picked up our washing-machine-salad-spinner crafted by Jackie's dad. And when Jon and Laura got here, everyone was happy to see some more Sandy Springers on the Farm.
For dinner, we ate huge sandwiches and homemade potato chips. ("mmmm...fried...")
Laura brought homemade baklava! It was AMAZING! Slathered in butter and honey, loaded with pistachios. So good.
We christened the new bonfire pit with - well - a bonfire. It was a beautiful 65 degrees out and breezy. Perfect. We sat out there talking and telling stories until it was past all of our bed-times. What a night!

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