Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just In Time...

We have been meaning to plant several more beds in the upper garden (by the chicken coop) for about a week now. But as things go, suddenly it was Friday and we hadn't done it yet. We have a lot of plants still in their plug trays in the high tunnel dying to get out - some display a lovely fall color to let us know their roots have no more room and they are starting to give up. We buckled down to get things in before the rain, they were calling for thunderstorms for most of the night, and we got several new beds built and planted! We got in a row of kale mix, a row of celery, a row of cabbage (half red and half green savoy), a row of lettuce mix, and two rows of broccoli! Although we were planting cabbages in the rain, we got them in just in time...

We are going to have SO much broccoli. With the two new rows in the upper garden and the two giant beds down in the main! Here is the new bed, just after planting.
This is the broccoli in the main garden - it's getting huge!! And weedy.
That is the next pressing issue. Weeds. They have been enjoying this beautiful spring weather as much as our crops have. Not good. Between the lambs quarter, various ivies, violets, and god-awful thistle we have our hands full. One or two solid days of weeding, though, and we will have it under control. Anyone interested in weeding? You are welcome here anytime. :)

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