Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everything is growing!

Normally we would put these pictures into the What's Growing photo gallery - and maybe we still will - but it is just so exciting to see everything getting so big. We haven't forgotten the long snowy winter and are really appreciating the colorful new life in the garden!
Peas planted March 21st

Broccoli transplanted March 21st

Chioggia, Bull's Blood, and Detroit Dark Red beets planted March 21st

We thinned the beets today, some of them are starting to flesh out their roots! We ate these for lunch and they were soooo good.

Kale Mix and Onions planted March 25th

Chard planted April 2nd

We have also been busy at work in the high tunnel making sure everything is growing well. We strung up the tomatoes and cucumbers and stopped watering the peppers which were starting to look a little yellow. We are finally potting up some of the flowers we will be bringing to the Sustainable Living Fair on May 22nd.
The tomatoes are clipped to the strings and the trays of transplants are sitting between the tomato rows.

They are getting so big!

These are some celosia plants we just potted up, they are really colorful. You can also see how full the hanging baskets in the back have gotten. Growing, growing, growing - yay spring!!

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