Saturday, May 8, 2010

Guess What We Found....

We spent most of the day weeding yesterday...and when I say most, I mean all. We spent ALL of the day weeding yesterday - but more about that later. Guess what we found in the bed of broccoli. Yep. Another rabbit nest:
There are five in this nest as well, but these are older. Their eyes are open and the white spot on the top of their head is almost gone. When I picked one up, it let out a horrible squeal and the other four went running! It must have been a warning sound. I found one of the others in the grass and took them up the hill to show Mia, my niece.
She loved them, of course! They are so cute...

Shawn did some research and found out a few things about baby rabbits:
1.) The mom will not abandon the babies after you've handled them.
2.) The mom comes once at dawn and twice at dusk to feed them, she sits over the nest while they nurse.
3.) Once their eyes are open, their ears pop up, and the white spot on the top of their head disappears, they will be on their own.
4.) Rabbits are territorial and will try to stay near where they are born for the rest of their lives.

The last point is a scary one. We don't need 10 rabbits trying to live in our vegetable gardens. So far we are leaning towards two options. Either wait until they are old enough to fend for themselves and relocate them, or call the Humane Society and bring them in. We have to do something soon or they will eat all of our hard work! Stay tuned.

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