Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Visitor and Tons of Strawberries!

This past week, Shawn's Tibetan cousin Chungdhak came by the farm for a visit and to lend us a hand. Between picking salad greens, mulching rows of beans, and thinning the beets, she shared with us her own extraordinary story, including her brave escape from Chinese occupied Tibet at the age of 11. Her account of the current state of affairs in Tibet and the oppressive polices imposed by the Chinese were shocking. We urge everyone to read up about this situation and learn what you can do to help change it - more information can be found here.

During her visit, we received a group order from the Maret School for salad mixes, kale, potted plants, and eggs. It was a lot to pick, so we were lucky to have an extra set of hands.

Harvesting salad greens

Bags of freshly picked and washed greens

We also checked in on the bees and found them to be in good shape. The queen is laying plenty of eggs, which in turn are becoming strong little bees. They have also filled up the first ten frames of their hive and so it will soon be time to add a second story!

After a solid week of work on the farm, we went down the road to Baugher's to pick strawberries. (Proof that we love what we do - our idea of taking a break from picking on our farm involves going to pick on someone else's farm).

Some of the fifty pounds of strawberries that we ended up picking!

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