Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beautiful Roses and Sage Pizza

Linda has planted several beautiful heritage rose bushes around the property over the years they have lived here. She gave us a beautiful bouquet of large, light pink, fragrant blooms mixed with miniature, dark pink blooms! They were sitting on the kitchen table in the evening light and I couldn't resist a few photos. They are unreal!

That same evening, Shawn went nose to the pizza stone once again. We had some sage leaves from the garden and I made some sage chips (hot oil, drop in leaves, remove when they change color, salt) while I was waiting for the delicious pizza. It's a fun little appetizer and as we were munching on them we decided to try them out ON the pizza.

It was tasty! We added them as a topping right after the cheese and then baked them along with the pizza. If we did it again, I think we would just add them after the pizza came out because they turned out a little soggy - fresh sage 'chips' are crisp and dissolve in your mouth. It still tasted great in spite of the different texture.
In addition to our sage pizza, Shawn made a super thin crust crispy pizza. It was SO good! Before he baked it, the dough was so thin you could almost see right through it.

We will be featuring Shawn and Mark's homemade pizza at our Farm Fest on June 26th! If you are here, you will get to experience their pizza expertise.

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