Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is on its way and we are SO ready. We can't wait for warmer weather and all that comes with it. Things on the farm are really picking up, we have had a very busy week! Besides getting the tilling done, there are several other things that we've started as well.
The time has come to start hardening off the seedlings. "Hardening off" means preparing them for conditions outside. Since they have spent their short lives indoors, they are tender and can be easily scalded by sun or damaged by cold. We start to harden them off by bringing them outside during the day and bringing them in at night. After about a week they start spending the night outside too.
Between daily watering and bringing 60 trays outside and then back inside - the seedlings have become quite time consuming. Here they are outside, look how big they have gotten!
This week we also got our high tunnel ready for spring. We took everything out, dug the beds out by hand and ready for planting. Here it is all ready to go! The soil was really nice from all the compost we added last year. Tons of earthworms. We also got all our tables in position for the seedlings to come out in the next week or so. Hopefully we can get the tomatoes and cucumbers in soon too!