Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Visitor From Chicago

One of Shawn's closest friends from college, Rebecca, came to visit us this past weekend from Chicago. We had so much fun! It felt like we were all over the place, but we managed to take her on a tour of a lot of our favorite places. She came with us to our Saturday market in Westminster. Definitely one of our favorite places. Later that night, we visited Scott's farm, Sattva Place. Unfortunately we forgot the camera this time and don't have any photos of his magical and beautiful farm. We visited with his heard of cows, his baby goats, his boar and sow, his horse Darla and her foal, his flocks of chickens and turkeys, and the trillions of lightening bugs who appear at dusk. As usual, we had a wonderful time sharing a meal and a bonfire with Scott and his adorable dog Yindi.
Next, we headed over to see Abby and Daniel and their goats. We hung out in the barn with the babies for quite a while.

Rebecca got to give them a special treat, and they were loving it!

Shawn's turn to give them a treat.

They are super playful, they love to climb and jump. If you give them a good place to climb, climb they will.

After we ate dinner and came inside, we laughed our way through an impromptu jam session on instruments none of us knew how to play.

The next day we got up and put Rebecca to work. Weed, water, mulch, repeat. We tackled the beets, some of the potatoes and onions, and the garlic.

The garlic and onions after they've been weeded, watered, and mulched:
We ate several good farm meals while she was here. At Scott's we had a delicious fritata made with eggs and milk from his farm, and veggies from our friend's farm. We brought a salad with our cucumbers, lettuce and onion. On our big work day, we had beets, beet greens, new potatoes, and cucumber salad with garlic chives and cherry tomatoes (from the high tunnel).

For pizza night, we made a salad with lettuce, cucumber, and nasturtiums:

We had such a great weekend - hopefully we can get out to Chicago to visit this fall!

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